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Thursday, February 10, 2005


The John Birch Society [JBS] is, arguably, our nation's most successful purveyor of conspiracy arguments. In its 47 years of existence, the JBS has attracted the support or endorsement of numerous wealthy and prominent individuals and it has adversely impacted communities all over the United States.

This blog is devoted to sharing information about the JBS, and its arguments, which generally has never been available before. Starting in 1981, I began submitting Freedom-of-Information-Act requests to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, military intelligence entities, the U.S. Justice Department, and other government agencies to discover what data was contained in their files pertaining to the Birch Society and the allegations which the JBS disseminated about numerous persons and organizations. I now have acquired about 400,000 pages of government documents.

In addition, I have acquired a substantial amount of documents contained in private papers collections archived at various universities which pertain to the JBS.

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Anonymous pheffler said...

Coup d'état?


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"Coup" redirects here. For other uses, see Coup (disambiguation).
A coup d'état (pronounced /ku de'ta/), or simply a coup, is the sudden overthrow of a government through unconstitutional means by a part of the state establishment, that mostly replaces just the top power figures. It is also an example of political engineering. It may or may not be violent in nature. It is different from a revolution, which is staged by a larger group and radically changes the political system.)

Is it useful to ask and could it ever be known or believed that 9-11 was some sort of failed Coup d'état?

As the idiom goes "I like to keep an open mind, but not so open that my brain falls out!"

In my travels, I sometimes find myself wandering off the beaten path and realize I've wandered into Camp Conspiracy. Now, Camp Conspiracy, CC, is an interesting place to visit, it has a lot of unusual people with unusual ideas; these campers seem to have an abundance of energy and fervor.

Their specious reasoning and twisted logic and omission of facts can mesmerize and entertain an impressionable fellow like me. Like a Carney barker, they can spot this rube a hundred yards off, and like a Siren's call, I am uncontrollably drawn in - you know - a moth to the flame sort of thing.

Ashamedly, I admit that their conspiracies give me pause and make me ask - 'What if?'
Ordinarily, my reaction is more akin to "You've got to be kidding?!" or "Are you smoking your socks?"

So, like the fool I am, and before I pull out Ockham's razor, I give their ideas a whirl.

I know that the good people here can lend a little friendly advice, above and beyond what they already have as to how or even if, one should try to grapple with the possibility that there may have been an attempted and failed Coup September Eleventh.

I'm sure many of you have parsed through various 'inconsistencies' with the Pentagon and Trade Center attacks and ended up scratching your heads. (god! I hope I'm not out in left field here.)

Alright, let's see…

1.) Is it worth the time and energy trying as the truth may never be known? (or - is there no perfect crime and the 'truth may be out there?')
2.) Is it useful to ask such questions; apart from writing a book and cashing in on the whole conspiracy notion? or - getting your 15-minutes?
3.) Short of the president making a prime time speech from the oval office, stating that there was some sort of conspiracy, would the public ever buy into it?
4.) Was it all staged and some sort of statecraft at work?

I guess, at this point, it's irrelevant. I should take solace that I finally figured out that Santa Clause isn't real and content myself knowing that I'll never get to meet the aliens or an aged Elvis or find out who really shot JFK.


The Great American Metaphor

Ladies and gentlemen football season is almost here!
Are you getting pumped up for the new season?

Let’s talk about the Great American Metaphor.

Sitting in brand new Generic Stadium, sits Mr. Typical American Joe with an oversize novelty foam hand with pointing index finger, printed on the finger is USA #1.

I don’t want that foam hand to be the metaphor for the USA – oversized, soft and useless, pointing up into space and not down at the field – where the game is! I don’t want our allies, our country folk, our illegal aliens and especially our enemies, using that fickle finger as a way to describe our country.

Have we scouted well?
Have we drafted well?
Do we have the best coaches?
Do we have a good dynamic game plan?
Do we have team cohesion?
Do we have seasoned veterans?
Do we have depth?
Are we prepared to sacrifice for the team?
Are we going to let the referees decide our fate – or our game plan?
Are we going to listen to the fair-weather fans?

During just about every game, for some reason or another, the wave starts.
It’s noisy, it’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s larger than any on fan, it’s one of the things you can’t experience sitting in front of the large screen HD-TV with Digital Dolby Surround Sound listening to those mostly idiotic color commentators – remember Dennis Miller on Monday Night Football – I’ll show you what to do with one of those foam fingers…

I want to see that drunken crazy fan streaking across the field!

The tailgate party is over, it’s halftime and the score is too close for comfort.
As I wait in the ridiculously long line for the urinal; I don’t want to talk about that fumble or that interception that cost us the lead! I want to talk about that 104 yard kickoff return for a touchdown or the eight turnovers we captured up! (Where in the world is Bin Landen!? enough already! I don’t want to start booing!)

When I look up at the Duff Blimp, I don’t want to think about the Hindenburg crashing!

I want the score to be USA 59 – the other guys – 0; or maybe I’ll allow them a safety, 59-2.

I don’t want to take that long ride home after the game, wondering about next years draft or having to trade some of my fantasy football players.

I want to clear my schedule for the playoffs and dream of that perfect season.

I don’t care if season tickets go up – as long as we are winning.

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing - right?

I’ll sit in that stadium until the fat lady sings – die hard.

Ladies and gentlemen, If we are out on the field we might as well win and win big!

Do it for the Gipper!

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Posted: Wed Aug 23, 2006 12:38 pm Post subject: War is not a football game



I'm, sorry, war is not a game of American football.

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Posted: Wed Aug 23, 2006 12:51 pm Post subject: True enough.


Nor is it European football, soccer, tiddlywinks, a zero sum affair, a spectator sport, a video game, an extension of politics, a mere distraction nor is it a form of entertainment or a way to show one's patriotism.

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Pardon my directness and overuse of clichés:

Why haven’t we conducted a rapid response to all those who oppose global American hegemony?
Why haven’t we given ultimatums and timetables to, say countries like China, Iran, Cuba and so forth? Why must we continually engage in all this waste of time and resources?

Is it:

1.) The American public who elects the officials do not have the will or desire?
2.) The educational systems and media have not properly molded the minds of our citizens?
3.) There is too much money to make from the current complex?
4.) There is no political will due to fear and apathy?
5.) The moral leaders lack conviction, direction and want peace, love and harmony and the status quo?
6.) Our policy leaders are narrow minded egomaniacs?
7.) Our military’s hands are tied given both the structure of our government and the influences acting upon it?
8.) The public just thinks “Can’t we all just get along?”
9.) No one wants the blood of innocents on their hands?
10.) America thinks that everyone else in the world will eventually ‘get us’ and say ‘oh wait – we’ve been doing this all wrong’ and come around to our way of doing things – one way or another; over time that is; a great deal of time?
11.) We are afraid that we’ll have CNBR war upon us?
12.) That we’ll be hated, and rightly so, by the other want-a-be governments and brainwashed peoples, terrorist entities and so forth - of the world?
13.) We, as Americans, are better than that?

Don’t we have to break a few eggs? All this low grade conflict is a grand aggravation.
The American people and the peoples of the world will rank us with the Hitlers and Napolenaons of history. Here’s another cliché: “Don’t the winners write history and then indoctrinate through education? Isn’t the notion of a state passé?

Are we really taking the path of least resistance and suffering a death by a thousand cuts? Do we really want to be all things to all peoples and want everyone everywhere to love us always?

Are we too ignorant or afraid to know what to do with our success?

Shouldn’t we strike while we have the chance; while the iron is hot; quickly rip the band aide off; dive right in?

We have the high ground – space; we have the weapons. The executive branch has been gathering up power form many years now and it has the constitutional power to make war; do we have too many conflicting voices in the military and special services where they won’t follow the order to strike?

Is it that we have the wrong ‘megalomaniacs’ in high offices? We are wasting too many energies; through duplication of efforts and fighting one another. Don’t we need a global despot to arrange the peoples and resources?

Oh wait – the United Nations!? Ha! NATO?! – Ha! and so on.

Wait, wait! We need our allies; our friends; we need our political alliances and so forth – right?!

The best defense is a strong offence; the race goes to the swift; he who hesitates is lost; it’s better to be feared and so on..

Wait ‘Think of the children!; Turn the other cheek; The strong should bend to the weak; with great power comes great responsibility and so on..

By the pricking of my thumbs…!

Where’s the humanity?! I don’t mean NGO’s, foreign aid as a weapon; charities, soft power, coercions, co-co-opting; politically maneuvering; setting reasonable bite-sized expectations – blah blah blah

We don’t want to tip over the apple cart – the stock market has rebounded – look at how well the oil companies are doing – blah blah blah

Why go to war? We have TiVo™ steady electricity, great GNP and growth and America is on the grow! Three chickens in every pot!

Let sleeping doges lie – leave well enough alone – it’s too complex to monkey with – Whatever!

Let the babbling one eye Cyclops, that modern day opiate of the masses, lull the American sheeple into theta state and fatten them for their eventual slaughter.

Perhaps all we need is a little religion and understanding and to remain hopeful for the future and to ‘teach our children well?’ Maybe we should wait another year to see if that lump on our behind is a carbuncle or cancer –or at least until the next wave of corporate reports come out?

Or maybe- just maybe – we do this thing – ‘let’s roll’ or maybe ‘roll over!’

‘WAR –huh! what is it good for?’

Slowly weaken from rot from within and division and eventually have Belize take us over – perhaps it’s for the best.

Maybe the aliens will land and force a settlement on us – and I don’t mean Mexico!

Maybe Elvis’ spirit will show us the way; or perhaps we can click out heels three times and close our eyes and hope it was all a bad dream and wake up to find we haven’t left Kansas after all.

Ladies and gentelmen - WAR.


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Posted: Tue Aug 01, 2006 1:35 am Post subject:


Hmmm... and your point was

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Posted: Tue Aug 01, 2006 7:32 am Post subject: Umm...

fata morgana


Reason vs. Force


I am reminded of a Three Stooges episode where Moe is nailing down a warped wooden plank on one end and the other end pops up and then Curly nails down the other end and Moe’s end pops up hitting Moe in the head and back and forth they go; slapstick at its best.

As I am waxing poetic on the stooges I am reminded of the wobbly table that the stooges are trying to fix by sawing down the other legs little by little until there are no more legs and the table is deemed fixed.

Let’s name all the stooges, Larry, Curley, Shemp, Joe and there de facto leader Moe.

Now, when comedy turns to tragedy reason needs to turn to force.

Moe needs to huddle up the stooges and send some stooge to the upstairs bathroom to fix the leaky pipe without getting entangled in all the bends and fittings; another great episode!

How many times must Larry have big handfuls of hair ripped out of his head before he does what the head stooge intends?

How did Curley get so fat yet always seem hungry must be his metabolism or something? But then again, Curley will swallow anything.

Would you let the stooges come and do an odd job for you? Have you ever seen the stooges rip a wire out of the wall only to have another stooge on the other side of the wall yank the stooge right through the wall; pure comedic genius?!

Let’s get our carriers and subs into position, call up the troops, polish up the nukes, pull as many innocents out of harms way as possible and completely and permanently take over the entire Middle East – Israel included.

Does anyone have a problem with this or am I being a ‘lunkhead?’

Too severe, ok, then just Iran, still too harsh then maybe Iraq, still too steep, ok then, maybe we should just pull the plug on the whole middle-east and let things develop organically, let nature take its course without any US interference? Can’t do that either; we are too tied in? Hmmmm….. Then how about that whole take over the middle-east thing I mentioned just a little while ago?

What? Did Curly bite off more than he could chew? Is he having a hard time swallowing a chunk of crab shell? Remember – ‘pinkies out!’


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Posted: 10 Sep 2006 07:39 Post subject:


The US has proved that it is unable even to take control of Iraq, despite support (tacit and material) from various allies.

The idea that the US could take over the entire Middle East is fantasy in its purest form.

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Posted: 11 Sep 2006 07:28 Post subject: So you think...


I'm sure we have war plans, on the shelf, for countries like Canada, Mexico, and Great Britain. I'd imagine that we have several, very up-to-date plans for the middle east and I’m sure there being tweaked on a regular basis.

Now, the last time I checked we still had our fissionable weapons and attack subs and our military satellites were still up there. Are you going to actually say it is completely impossible for the USA to take over the entire middle east, I mean come on. I guess we weren’t ready to annihilate the USSR and obviously the Middle East is much bigger and scarier then the Russian Bear ever was huh?

Ok, so, let me see if I have this straight, we are incapable and it is a flight of fancy to even begin to imagine that the USA could, when push comes to shove, extinguish the entire Middle East. I’m sure you’re thinking the US would never want to go down that road and the current Will of the US would prevent it from ever taking over the Middle East and ergo the US won’t take over the Middle East and therefore it is pure fantasy; or maybe my read is wrong.

Respectfully, here’s what I have to say about that... poppycock.

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Posted: 11 Sep 2006 09:02 Post subject:


Of course the US (or others) could turn the Middle East into a radioactive wasteland. Destruction, however, is not the same as takeover.

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Posted: 11 Sep 2006 09:47 Post subject: How much will you contribute?



All of the might the US can muster comes from the private citizens that pay taxes. While we are obviously stupid enough to allow our money to be spent as it has been in the past, ongoing expenditures on violent and destructive "solutions" continue to degrade our capitulation.

If you are willing to fund an operation to take over the Middle East and you can find enough other people to help contribute, go for it. But when you imagine the uses to which US tax revenue can be put, remember that not one cent of it is being spent by its rightful owners.

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Posted: 11 Sep 2006 11:46 Post subject: Where do I start...


Complexities aside; a war could be waged, without turning the area into a wasteland. Granted, there would be some cleaning up to do. We have chemical and biological weapons too and I think nukes can be used both tactically and strategically.

Yeah, yeah, UN conventions and various treaties aside; we could cobble together a final solution on the Middle East, one that would serve as both a message and warning to the rest of the world – a line-in-the-sand, so to speak.

Now, onto the other note…

So war has devolved to a popularity contest, where each dollar is a vote and every person has an equal share; especially when it comes time to vote? We have established treaties with and have poured monies into other countries, so they get a say too, huh?

Money? What is money but a social treaty anyway? If you frame the question differently, then you might be able to get more people to awaken to the idea of just taking the Middle East; that is, until we don’t need or want it anymore. A dollar well spent is a dollar not wasted. We are penny wise and pound foolish.

I vote that we, the United States of America, are best capable of using the resources of the Middle East to help the people in the Middle East and that we the United States of America are more capable of allowing each individual living in the middle east to better pursue liberty and happiness.

This isn’t Star Trek and we don’t have to follow the prime directive; we have a vested interest, one where are own future survival hangs in the balance.

Many hands make light work…
We don’t have to do it alone you know; but sometimes, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

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Mining the Boarders


I know it’s ridiculous.

If we are at war then we need to secure our ports, coastlines and boarders.

Let’s start with the boarders.

We should mine the boarders, Mexican, Canadian, Tribal-American and Alaskan-Canadian.
This would have to be done carefully, no pun intended.

First a publicity campaign and notice to Mexican and Canadian and American publics. Next we would have to create a buffer zone and post signs in multiple languages with pictures (signs/warnings). Then we would lay down non-lethal mines, (NLM’s) in the next zone these would be big noise makers; Another zone of even louder noise makers in then next zone (NLM-2’s.) The next zone would contain semi-lethal (SLM’s), followed by lethal land mines (LLM’s) then the order should reverse itself - SLM’s then NLM-2’s, NLM’s and finally signs/warning.

It would look like this:









Now, this would be a political nightmare to implement. It will add pressure to other points of entry once the boarders are ‘sealed;’ more pressure on coastlines and ports; also, it may interfere with the indigenous species’ migration patterns. It’s a rational first step in controlling the unknown quantities from entering and exiting the country nearly at will.

I have some ridiculous ideas for the coastlines and ports too, but I know I’m just spitting into the wind.

We can call the mining of the boarders – “Operation, Shooting Yourself In the Foot (OSYIF.)”

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Posted: Fri Aug 25, 2006 9:30 am Post subject:


Our side or their side?

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Posted: Fri Aug 25, 2006 9:57 am Post subject: Our side..


It’s complex but not complicated.

Obviously I don’t know what we have at our disposal, as far as resources, but here’s how I’d imagine it going:

Sensors for the mines are networked to a monitored control room with a patch to satellite and strategically place boarder patrol nodes. Ultrasound devices, thermal detectors, pressure detectors etc.. would be meshed and weaved into the sensing net; of course, ruggedized surveillance cameras with face matching technology would catalog intruders.

Pickers, cleaners and re-mining experts would keep the net clean and running smootly. They would collect (DNA info.; pocket litter, artifacts etc..) for our databanks and to notify next of kin.

Frequency jamming and surveillance should be studded about the area too.

Intruders attempting to fly over the mines with ultra lights, small planes etc should be dealt with separately.

All this has to happen on our side; of course… As to the cost of implementing and maintaining and staffing this system; we could hold a new nationwide border-lottery system like Powerball; perhaps call it the Multi-State BorderBall Lottery.

“You have to be in it to Win it!”



(Draft) Expunging Terrorism (Draft)

A multi-phase plan to remove terrorism:

Phase I (containment)

Step 1: Remove the word ‘terrorism’ from every book and information storage device and either substitute it with an emoticon, , or some similar glyph. (I recommend introduction of a UN resolution to accomplish this, of course, with full US backing.)

Step 2: No one may use the word in public or private or in any way transmit ‘that word.’ To use the word or transmit it willingly or otherwise would be tantamount to a crime against humanity.

Step 3: Any legally recognized entity found spreading the verboten word will immediately have its assets frozen and would be, minimally, subject to dissolution and severe fiscal punishment.

Step 4: Any quasi-government, state or religious organization found harboring those who use the word will be considered just as guilty as those using the word. We will not recognize those entities, that enable or create safe havens for ‘the word’ and will collectively punish them. (This is a war that can destroy the very firmament of civilization and we cannot take that sort of risk.)

Phase II (education)

Step 1: A special conclave of multi-lingual, multi-national, multi-religious, multi-governmental group will convene to help educate the non use of ‘that word. To appeal to the younger set, this group will be known as the Multivitamins.

Step 2: The USA will lead a ‘Pamphlets Project’, headed by a new education czar, located in Pueblo Colorado, where there is a long history of pamphleteering.

Step 3: Community leaders will create awareness and watch groups which will tie into the school systems and other local community groups. Grass root organizations will be encouraged and a sister city project against the evil word can be erected to help foster trans-national awareness.

Step 4: Hollywood and Madison Avenue will be asked to do their part as it is their fiduciary responsibility as valued stake holders. It is their patriotic duty, can they do any less?!

Step 5: A word-bond drive, scrap iron and rubber and paper collection will involve all levels of the community. The Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and various other secular and non-secular organizations will be asked to do what they can to help contribute to the non-use of ‘that word.’

Phase III (the act)

Note: Heretofore we have been focusing, and rightly so, on the ‘word,’ now we must turn our attention to and set about the difficult and very dangerous task of eliminating those who enact the word. For security purposes, many details have been omitted. We wouldn’t want to hand over our game plan to our enemies, now would we? They can be very rascally.

Step 1: Find them.

Step 2: Remove them from circulation.

Step 3: Re-educate them.

Step 4: Welcome them back with open arms.

Step 5: Rinse and repeat.

Ladies and Gentlemen – this is the only plan that will work and it will only work with all of our combined efforts – this plan can take generations to implement successfully and we are in it for the long haul – we mustn’t let our guards down as the enemy never sleeps.

(Draft – please note that this document is subject to change – Draft)


The Terrorist Project.

We should try to fight fire with fire.
Beat the terrorists at their own game.
We need to create our own special American Über-Terrorists Organization the (AUTO); following in the example of the Manhattan Project.

Hand-picked human specimens of specified type, size and disposition, etc. would be asked to donate genetic material to allow for the creation of the Über-Terrorists. They would be needed in great numbers and should be raised and kept on island farms, to help concentrate and facilitate their educational and training needs.

These AUTOs, ideally and initially, would be created in a test tube and birthed by willing paid surrogates and trained from birth to eventually fulfill their glorious purpose as given to them by their ‘creator;’ that is, to extinguish themselves in a willing act of divine sacrifice to uphold Truth, Justice and the American Way.

Once a large crop of these AUTOs are grown, we could then harvest them and use them as they were designed; a much needed missing weapon in our American arsenal.

They would be trained to either work alone or in teams; allowing a certain degree of variability in task assignment. A simple, loose, signaling network would control and syncopate the AUTO networks to maximize their effective usefulness.

Does anyone doubt the US’s ability to beat the terrorists at creating better and more effective terrorists?

Simple economics dictate the immediate need for a project like AUTO. We should waste no time or resource on catching up to our enemies in this race into human-space. We should, like putting a man on the moon, pick some lofty and prideful goal to prove that America can lead and innovate on a level no other terror organization has ever dared to dream. If the Terror breeding organizations of the world have their way, we would lose our ability to shape the future in a way that best serves all of humanity.

It is our god-given right and duty as Americans to put an AUTO in every neighborhood.


Divide and Conquer

Room for improvement, a more perfect union, manifest destiny, hope for the future, a rising tide, a beacon on the hill…

One, not so bright day, our Sun is going to turn into a red giant and engulf the first four terrestrial planets, recycling the entire planet Earth; which will come as both good and bad news to hard core environmentalist, unfortunately a great many creatures will be added to the list of extinct species; including ardent planet protectors; not to worry, those very same greenies will be the first to quickly point out that recycling is good for mother Earth.

Now, this won’t happen any time soon – the threat is way off in the future and we need to act locally and think globally and leave the smallest footprint possible, tread lightly, respecting the diversity of cultures and creatures that cohabit this great big wonderful blue marble – spaceship Earth.

Now, continuing the spacey theme, let’s say a giant asteroid will hit Earth and cause a mass extinction; this could be good or bad, depending on your focus. Man against Nature and nature doing a number on man.
Nature sure can be a pain. Mother Nature, the Sun, human nature, makes me thirsty just thinking about it.

You are all mostly slumbering in subliminal sleepwalker mode.

Wake up and then wake up!

I have no compunction over writing what I think. Anyone who attacks my words is doing just that – chasing after shadows. My words are not my essence; my ideas are not children to be protected at the expense of my bits of freedom; my hell is of my own making and I swim in my own disgust. I know what I like and I wonder when I don’t like something why I even care. Each day I am more tightly circling the mortal drainpipe of dissipation. As I swirl down into the inevitable oblivion, I hope not to hurry my own demise. I expect no rope, no ladder and no heaven sent helicopter. If a few people glom together, enough people, then perhaps, as a unity, one can fight against the current and achieve a brief respite from the gaping abyss – though I remain entirely unoptimistic on this point.


pheffler@cox.net - enjoy :)

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